Vulmkoriz-R WA

Vulmkoriz-R WA is a multi-purpose (both priming and finishing) coating for steel structures, especially wagons, cisterns, containers, galvanised sheet metal, etc. It is particularly recommended for applications where the underlying material is in direct contact with petroleum products (petrol, Diesel, oils, etc.).

Vulmkoriz-R WA is a one-component, water-dilutable anticorrosion material for wagons and cisterns based on a copolymer water dispersion.

Vulmkoriz-R WA contains a corrosion inhibitor and zinc phosphate components with dispersed fillers and special additives. It is an air-curing preparation forming a resistant, permanently elastic film that does not dissolve in petroleum products or water. The preparation features excellent adhesion and resistance to medium to heavy mechanical stresses.


  • high resistance to heavy mechanical stress
  • resistance to effects of chemicals, thinners and detergents
  • resistance to effects of crude oil and all petroleum products
  • water-tightness
  • frost resistance
  • resistance to weather and UV radiation
  • high corrosion inhibition capacity
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